Promulgation date: October 15, 2021

Effective date: November 14, 2021


We, Tenpay Payment Technology Co., Ltd., are committed to protecting the personal information of children that use our products and services. This Tenpay Children's Privacy Protection Statement (hereinafter referred to as “Statement”) explains to the guardians (hereinafter referred to as “you”) and the children under the guardianship how we handle children’s personal information, and how we protect the rights of you and your children in personal information processing activities. Unless otherwise stated, the terms and acronyms used in this Statement have the same meaning ascribed to them in the Tenpay Service Agreement and Tenpay Privacy Policy.


You should carefully read and agree to this Statement if you are a guardian. We anticipate that you will work with us to protect the personal information of the child under guardianship, educate and guide the child to enhance his/her awareness and ability of personal information protection, and instruct, remind and ask them not to provide any personal information to any network products and services suppliers without your consent.


If you are a child under the age of 14, you need to read this Statement carefully together with your guardian. Any minor who uses our products and services or provides us with information should obtain prior consent from your guardian.

After carefully reading and fully understanding the Tenpay Privacy Policy and this Statement, please choose whether you agree with the relevant privacy policies thereunder and whether you agree or the child under your guardianship is allowed to use our products or services. If you do not agree with the relevant privacy policies thereunder or this Statement, or you fail to provide the information necessary to our services, our products or services may not operate normally or fail to achieve our desired service effects. You and the minor(s) under guardianship hence may not be able to normally use our products and services or related specific business functions.

By clicking “Agree”, you agree with us to process the information of you and the minor(s) in accordance with the Tenpay Privacy Policy and this Statement.

Please note that this Statement only applies to the related products or services where the users’ age (under the age of 14) can be identified by us. For products or services that cannot or do not actively identify users’ age, the Tenpay Privacy Policy or related privacy policy of specific products shall apply. Our products and services may include products or services supplied by third parties. You may also log in and use third-party products and services through our products. Any third party that may process children's information will need to obtain your consent separately. We advise guardians to remind minors to seek your consent before granting third parties’ access to any of their personal information.

In this Statement, any provisions that may have a significant impact on the rights of you and your children are in bold font. Please pay special attention to these provisions.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this Statement, you can contact us via a special feedback channel. For details, please refer to “Contact Us” section of this Statement. We will respond to you as soon as possible.


We will strictly obey the PRC laws, regulations and agreements with users, and collect the following personal information of you and the children under guardianship in accordance with the user’s choice of any specific products or services.

We will identify whether the user is a minor under the age of 14 through the ID number provided by the user. If the user is identified as a minor, we will obtain your consent before allowing the minor to continue to use relevant products or services or collecting his/her personal information (details will be subject to the page displayed then) in accordance with the PRC laws and regulations.

When a user is identified as a minor under the age of 14, we may collect the guardian’s name, relationship with the user, contact information (such as mobile phone number, email address, Weixin account, QQ account number) and other personal information to contact you to verify the guardianship of the minor by you and obtain your consent for processing the minor’s information. We may also associate your account with the child’s account in order to protect the personal information rights of you and your children. For any product or service that involves uploading profile pictures and other similar functions, we strongly advise that you instruct the child not to upload any real portrait photo or other information when using our products and services.

During any child’s usage of our products or services, we will continue to collect relevant information. For details, please refer to the section of “How We Collect Your Personal Information” under the Tenpay Privacy Policy to learn more about the other personal information of children that we may collect.

If our handling of the personal information of you or your children under guardianship is beyond your agreed scope, we will notify you and ask you for permission again.

Please understand that you and your children can choose whether to fill in or provide us with specific information. However, any lack of specific information may cause the failure to use related functions.


We will use encryption and other technical measures to store children’s personal information in order to ensure information security. We will keep children's personal information within the time limit stipulated by the PRC laws, regulations or required by regulators. For details, please refer to the section of “How We Store and Protect Your Personal Information” under the Tenpay Privacy Policy to learn more about how we store and protect children's personal information.


We strictly abide by the PRC laws, regulations and the agreement with you, and will use the collected children’s information for the following purposes:

3.1 Verification of the identity of child and his/her guardian

3.2 Provision of necessary products, services or specific business functions

3.3 Identity verification, customer service, security protection, fraud monitoring, transaction monitoring, prevention or prohibition of illegal activities, archiving and backup purposes, in order to ensure the security of our products and services to children.

If we need to use the personal information of you or your children under guardianship for purposes other than the above-mentioned, we will inform you in accordance with the requirements of the PRC laws and regulations and obtain your consent again.


We strictly restrict the sharing, transfer, and disclosure of children's personal information in accordance with the laws and regulations.

4.1 Generally, we will not share children's personal information with any third parties. We may only share children’s personal information with third parties with the prior consent of their guardians.

4.2 Sharing with the guardians

Certain personal information (such as the username, account number, password, and transaction details in some of our products and services) of the minor user will be shared with his/her guardian, who can have access to and manage the relevant personal information.

4.3 With the development of our business, in the case of mergers, divisions, dissolutions, acquisitions, asset transfers, declared bankruptcy and other transactions or matters that lead to the provision of the personal information about you and your children to any third party, we will inform you of the relevant circumstance and the recipient’s name and contact information through notifications and announcements. We will continue, or cause the recipient, to protect your and your children’s personal information in accordance with the laws, regulations and standards not lower than this Statement.

4.4 In order to improve the quality and efficiency of information processing, we may, within the scope permitted by the laws and regulations, entrust any competent cooperative institutions to process children’s information. The competent cooperative institutions include but not limited to third-party service providers, contractors, agents and application developers. For example, communication service providers who send emails or push notifications on our behalf and map service providers who provide us with location services (they may not be located in your jurisdiction).

We undertake that we will abide by the relevant provisions of laws and regulations in relation to the entrusted processing. We will fully review and evaluate the capability of such cooperative institutions in terms of personal information protection. Through written agreement, audit and other means, cooperative institutions are requested to strictly abide by confidentiality obligations, adopt technical methods to desensitize the entrusted information and they are prohibited from using the information for any purposes without your authorization. When the entrusted relationship is terminated, we will request the cooperative institutions not to retain any relevant information.

4.5 We may use the collected children's information for big data analysis after anonymization, such as forming heat maps and insight reports that do not contain any personal information.

We may publicize and share with our partners any statistically processed information that is without identification content for the purpose of understanding how the users use our services or the overall usage trends of our services for the public.

4.6 In general, we will prohibit the public disclosure of children's personal information, unless we have obtained your separate consent or otherwise provided by laws and regulations.


During the use of our products and services by the minors, in order to facilitate you and children to review, copy, correct, supplement and delete children’s information, you can find details in the section of “Your Rights with respect to Your Personal Information” under the Tenpay Privacy Policy to learn more about how to manage children's personal information.

You can also use the contact information provided by us to submit requests and applications for the exercise of rights or to provide feedback or consult on relevant information. We will contact you in time after verifying the feedback. Please note that during the verification process, we may need you to provide personal information such as the child's account number, date of birth, contact information so as to continue to respond to your requirements after completing the preconditions such as verifying your guardianship of the child.

Children will have the right to manage their own accounts after reaching the age of 14. If a child elects to manage his/her Tenpay account by himself/herself, you will no longer be able to access to or control his/her account.


This Statement only applies to products and services or some functional sections of products and services for children under the age of 14, or products or services that require users to enter birthdays, age information, and other products or services that can identify the user's age. For users of other ages, the Tenpay Privacy Policy shall apply. Please note that the Tenpay Privacy Policy applies to any of our products or services not specified in this Statement.

Where applicable, for any inconsistency between this Statement and the provisions of Tenpay Privacy Policy and the privacy protection guidelines of specific products (if any), this Statement shall prevail.


If you have any questions or feedback about this Statement, please contact us through customer service. You can also follow the personal information consultation guidelines provided by us, fill in the relevant information and send your questions to or mail to the following address:

Address: Financial Legal and Compliance Department, Tencent Binhai Building, No.33 Haitian Second Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, the PRC

Post code: 518064

We will review your questions as soon as possible and respond within fifteen days after verifying your identity. If you are the guardian of the child user, please remark “Children's Personal Information Consultation” in the subject of the email or letter and we will handle as soon as possible.

Tenpay Payment Technology Co., Ltd.